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"One for all - all for one": The Maastricht Pledge

In October 2009, the independent European jewellers and watch specialists of the Maastricht Group met in Maastricht to sign a joint declaration reviving the traditional
collegial spirit of medieval goldsmiths' guilds in a modern European setting. "One for all - all for one" - a saying that is attributed to d`Artagnan the famous musketeer, has a special meaning for the european culture and in particular for this group of independent jewellers. Based on the simple principle of mutual assistance, every customer of a Maastricht Group business can now turn to any other member of the Group for warranty and service. In a Europe without borders the Maastricht pledge shall contribute to a new way of confidence. A simple formula and a great idea.
The promise from Maastricht is given by a group of leading jewellers and watch specialists who feel committed to excellent craftmanship as well as the concerns of the worlds strongest watch and jewellery brands.