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There has always been something intensely fascinating and mystical about the art of jewellers, goldsmiths and horologists, while their products are universally known to symbolise lasting value. The unique character of artisan craftwork has traditionally influenced the identity of this trade. Even as electronic timepieces are becoming increasingly popular, renewed appreciation of exquisite watches and clocks has paved the way for a remarkable comeback of artisan watch-making in particular. The growing pace of change in the markets is placing high demands on quality retailers in the classic sense. Their ability to maintain top standards in the future will depend on international cooperation with like-minded colleagues. The members of the Maastricht Group work together in various ways, such as by exchanging experience on a regular basis, realising synergy effects, and taking joint training initiatives for the young generation.
The declared aim of the Maastricht Group consists in taking action to sustain the art of refined jewellery and quality watch-making. Thereby the members intend to strengthen customer confidence in their businesses, many of which look back on a tradition of several generations.